2021 saw Maple Finance build, launch and grow. My Co-Founder Sid wrote an in-depth, honest founders take on our 2021 achievements a few weeks ago, it’s worth the read even if just for the highs and lows experienced: https://maplefinance.ghost.io/2021-in-review-sid-powell/

With strong progress made, we’re confident that 2022 is going to be a big year for Maple, our customers and the DeFi industry at large. Growth is our focus in 2022. Growing the number of pools, expanding the depth of our product offering, and ultimately increasing liquidity provided and total loans originated. We hope to achieve $2bn in liquidity by June 2022 and $5bn by the end of the year.

How will we achieve that growth? Simply, we need to grow our customers and expand our product. Throughout 2022 we will be focusing our development around 3 core themes:

  1. Protocol Utility: Expand the value proposition for MPL holders, through launching single-sided Pool Cover, improving Maple DAO governance and broadening accessibility of the MPL token.
  2. Interoperability: Build our product to leverage the technical composability and network effects blockchain technology provides including new partnerships within DeFi and crypto.
  3. Usability: Aim to simplify user flows and interfaces for Maple users to maximize their experience and access their capital needs through self service.

TS;WM? Dive deep here, we hope you enjoy the read.

Protocol Utility

We found initial product-market fit in 2021 but our community members have been asking for more value when holding and staking MPL. We will focus on continuing to create products that serve customers needs and generate more economic value for the protocol and MPL holders.

2022 goals:

  1. Deliver single-sided Pool Cover for MPL holders
  2. Generate $10m revenue for the Maple Treasury
  3. Grow protocol cover to 5% of liquidity provided

Core Q1 product developments to increase protocol utility: Pools Smart Contract refactor, Single-Sided Pool Cover, Maple DAO governance, MPL liquidity.

Update Pools smart contracts to deliver Single-Sided Pool Cover. MPL can then be deposited as a single asset to provide Pool Cover, as well as other ERC-20 tokens including wETH, USDC and wBTC.

Improve governance procedures by utilising the Snapshot voting mechanism.

Increase the accessibility and liquidity of the MPL token through listing with reputable exchanges.


We understand that crypto-native protocols and traditional institutions want to use our products programmatically and through connected and familiar workflows. We have an opportunity to leverage the technical composability and network effects the blockchain provides so all customers can benefit from web3 capital marketplaces.

2022 goals:

  1. Integrate with 15+ DeFi protocols, capital aggregators and/or exchanges for a total of $500m of loan volume
  2. Integrate with 5+ fintech products (not crypto native) for a total of $500m of loan volume

Core Q1 product developments to improve the interoperability of Maple: MPL functionality, SDK, integrations.

Update Pools smart contract with a wholesale change to LP tokens enabling them to be used throughout the DeFi ecosystem, traded on secondary markets and reduce lockup periods.

Establish an SDK to facilitate developers building direct integration for depositing into Maple pools.

Build scalable and stable decentralised web3 infrastructure with Graph Protocol.


DeFi products are often complicated and require multiple steps. We have an opportunity to simplify these as much as possible and provide users with frictionless interfaces and workflows to maximise their experience using Maple products enabling self service.

2022 goals:

  1. Grow total loans originated to $5bn
  2. 8 active Pool Delegates with more than $200m in active loans

Core Q1 product developments to improve usability of the web app: Customer support, onboarding and reporting, dashboard and analytics.

Build and launch an automated notification system for major events to alert customers including borrower repayments, loan funding and defaults. Updates will automatically be sent to customers, so everyone can stay up-to-date on matters of interest.

Launch a customer support bot, so customers have access to support 24/7 365.

Incorporate automated generation of legal documents into onboarding processes and automate month end reporting.

Build internal and external dashboards that track all interactions and updates so the Maple team and customers can more easily view and track important events and metrics.

Beyond Q1

These developments will set us on the path to achieving our 2022 commercial goals. Beyond Q1, we will continue to focus on our core themes and…

  • Automate the onboarding experience for new Borrowers and permissioned Lenders, including KYC and financial due diligence processes
  • Migrate existing Pools to new Pool contracts
  • Expand the SDK offering to include the Pools contract updates released in Q1
  • Continue to iteratively improve Loans and Pools contracts with new loan structures and borrower verticals

If you have any product ideas or want to discuss the 2022 roadmap with the team. Please jump into our Discord and post in the relevant channels. We look forward to hearing from you! https://discord.com/invite/fgWRMHCd7d

Want to help us raise the bar and join our all-star team? We currently have some exciting roles open - check out our jobs board: https://jobs.lever.co/maple-finance