The inaugural Liquidity Pool with Orthogonal Trading as Pool Delegate will be expanding by an additional $20M this week. The pool will first open for institutional funding on June 23 before opening for broader DeFi participation on June 25.

Maple’s decentralized credit marketplace enables corporate and institutional borrowers to take capital-efficient loans from globally funded Liquidity Pools.

Since its establishment in late May, this Liquidity Pool has funded loans to top institutions in crypto including Alameda Research, Framework Labs, Wintermute, Amber Group, and more. The upsizing of this pool will grant more blue chip institutions much needed capital to fulfill business opportunities. This expansion will be followed closely by the establishment of a second Liquidity Pool on Maple, further driving the future of the crypto economy by supplying capital to reputable and profitable businesses.

Anyone interested in earning a sustainable yield will be able to deposit capital to a Liquidity Pool to start earning a return as a Liquidity Provider (LP). LPs enjoy a set and forget solution as each pool on Maple is overseen by an approved Pool Delegate who conducts diligence on institutional borrowers and approves the terms of loans with each party before funding. LPs gain exposure to a diversified set of borrowers in each pool.

How to Provide Liquidity

Before June 25

Prepare USDC in your Metamask wallet and ETH for gas payments. You will not need MPL tokens to participate as a Liquidity Provider.

On June 25

The pool will open for funding on June 25 at 5 pm ET enabling DeFi to deposit USDC to earn yield as a Liquidity Provider. LPs earn additional MPL rewards through the Liquidity Mining program. MPL is the native governance token of the protocol and can be staked to participate in earning fees. Deposited funds are locked in the pool for 180 days. There is no minimum deposit amount to participate.

Staking will open to DeFi participants in a few weeks, giving MPL holders an opportunity to stake their tokens for additional yield.

At launch, the DeFi allocated portion of the Liquidity Pool was funded within an hour. Add this expansion of the Liquidity Pool to your calendar!


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