Last week was a big week for Maple as we conducted a Liquidity Balancer Pool to launch the MPL token. The MPL launch was a success and was well-received by our growing community but it is a small step in our journey and we wanted to share some details on our upcoming roadmap and governance plans.


After the LBP, we expect to have a number of major milestones (all dates are tentative):

  • (May 2) Balancer 50:50 pool opens - After the completion of the Maple LBP, we created a 50:50 MPL:USDC Balancer pool that will be used for providing initial secondary market liquidity for the MPL token and staking the Launch Pool when the protocol is deployed. The initial MPL:USDC in the Balancer pool has been supplied from MapleDAO Treasury and will be further supported by investors that will be staking their MPL holdings in the first pool deployed on Maple.
  • (Mid May) Mainnet deployment - We will deploy the Maple Smart Contracts to mainnet and create the first Liquidity Pool on Maple. The Launch Pool is capped at $15M and Orthogonal Trading is the Pool Delegate.
  • (Mid May) Retail liquidity mining - Retail participants will be able to deposit USDC to the Liquidity Pool at a six-month lockup period to earn USDC yield and MPL rewards. More information on the LM program will be made available soon.
  • (Late May) First loans - Our first cohort of borrowers will receive the funding for their loans. These institutional borrowers have been through thorough due diligence and their first loans with Maple will be capped at $2M per borrower.
  • (Late June-Early July) Second liquidity pool and increased lending - Four to six weeks after the Launch Pool is created a second tranche of loans will be funded by Orthogonal Trading and a second Liquidity Pool will be added to Maple. Waitlisted borrowers will have the opportunity to submit requests for loans.


We intend to progressively decentralize the Maple network. As a decentralized protocol, the native MPL tokens transfer the governance responsibilities to a distributed network of community members who use the platform. The launch of MPL is the first step in this journey.

These are some of the steps we intend to take over the next few months to progress the path of decentralization:

  • Documented governance process that is discussed and agreed by the Maple community.
  • MPL holders will be able to submit and vote on proposed changes to the protocol, including adjusting fees, new partnerships and integrations, and other protocol level changes.
  • MPL holders will be able to delegate their voting rights.
  • MPL holders will control the Maple Treasury and be able to vote on distributing fees that have accrued to the Treasury.

To learn more about Maple's governance token, check out our MPL Tokenomics post.

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We'll be sharing more information on the Maple protocol and ecosystem over the next few months as we get closer to launch. If you're interested in learning more and getting involved with Maple before launch, join our Discord community and follow us on Twitter.