The Maple team is thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand identity ahead of launch. Our new logo and visual identity reflect the values and long term strategy of the protocol. Maple is built to be a transparent, efficient, and trusted decentralized marketplace for Institutional Growth Capital, fueling the GDP of crypto.

By enabling crypto native corporates to reinvest in growing their businesses instead of stockpiling collateral, the industry growth potential will be unlocked. We believe in the long term benefits of crypto and strive to make capital accessible through the democratization of access to capital markets. Improved access will benefit long-term focused investors looking to earn stable returns on their assets by lending to prime institutional borrowers. As the protocol moves towards decentralization, holders of Maple's native token MPL will be responsible for its governance.

Ensuring the MPL token is distributed to the Maple community is integral to the success of the protocol. This week, Maple will be distributing 500,000 MPL governance tokens via a Balancer Liqudity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) starting Wednesday April 28, 2021 at 4:30PM EST. The Balancer LBP will last for 72 hours, ending on May 1, 2021. To learn how to participate in the pool, check out the Guide to the Maple LBP.

Soon after the completion of the Maple LBP, the Maple protocol will go live with its first pool of borrowers capped at $15M. This pool will provide loans to an exclusive list of top-tier institutional borrowers. The protocol will continue to scale by increasing the number of pools and the size of each pool in the following weeks and months. More information on this launch will be announced soon.

To stay up to date on the latest at Maple, be sure to join the Discord and follow us on Twitter.